Adirondack Property Watch Client Testimonials

See what our Adirondack Home Watch clients have to say about our professional services:

“We have owned a weekend / vacation home on Schroon Lake for 25 years.  The people at Adirondack Home Watch have been an incredible resource.  When we need help with something and can’t be up there, they take care of it.  On one visit they found the ignitors for our stove running continuously.  They disconnected the appliance and arranged repairs.  They have been able to bring power and prevent a freeze up during winter storms.  They have identified that we were low on fuel and arranged delivery.  The piece of mind of being able to call a local resource, who we can trust, to take care of things when we aren’t there is priceless.”   ~Larry T.

“We recently bought a home on Schroon Lake which we rent out.  The people at Adirondack Home Watch not only take care of the property when we aren’t there, they help our renters with any concerns there might be around the house and property.  Although tenants check themselves in, it is a real comfort to know that we have someone there locally to help out if a problem comes up.  At one point last winter, in checking our fuel supply, they realized that we were almost out of oil.  They were able to follow through and make sure we could get a delivery, avoiding the possibility of a real mess.  They can also check on the property after a tenant departs but before our cleaner can get there.  I don’t know how we could rent our home in the Adirondacks without them.”    ~Shannon S

This past March/April we had Adirondack Home Watch checking our home while we were in Florida on vacation. We received a call in early April advising that there had been an unusually heavy rain storm on top of several feet of recent snow causing severe local flooding. Our home was checked and they found  water coming into our finished basement. AHW was able to stop additional water entry and moved all items which may have been damaged to a safe location. AHW then cleaned up the water and set fans to dry everything. Kathy assured us that everything was now fine and there was no reason to end our vacation early. When we returned home several weeks later the basement was completely dry and the only evidence that there had been a problem was the moved furniture and fans. Their quick action saved us what surely would have been thousands of dollars in damage.
Thank you Kathy and Adirondack Home Watch.
~Lee F.

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