Southern Adirondack Home Watch Services

When a crisis occurs, you will be glad that your problem doesn’t become an imposition on your neighbor who has been “keeping an eye on the place for you.” We are experienced home watch professionals with the knowledge and resources to watch over your home, providing a visual inspection of your home or property looking for obvious issues.

Your crisis may need immediate correction and our fast action can save your home from further destruction. Efficiently handling an emergency situation is what separates a true professional from someone who “care takes homes on the side.” We have the reputation to prove it and will happily provide references upon your request.

  • Exterior inspections
  • Interior inspections for systems, appliances, security
  • Pre or post-rental occupancy inspections
  • Vehicle preparation for your arrival
  • Change alarm batteries, maintain outdoor lighting and even water your plants

Keep your second home just for vacations and contact the professionals at Adirondack Home Watch LLC to make sure you can enjoy the investment.