Adirondack lakefront property managementLife on Schroon Lake this Spring gave Adirondack Home Watch yet another opportunity to earn our keep! Our Adirondack lakefront property management gave this homeowner peace of mind.

Heavy, late Winter snow accumulations and days of heavy rain and snow melt caused lake levels to rise well above normal, causing plenty of seasonal Adirondack property damage. AHW was able to minimize damage caused by Flood, that is a standard exclusion under most homeowners insurance policies.  Waters rose a whopping 30 inches in one day, filling basements and causing water damage to floors, walls and personal property.  We moved furniture and treasured belongings to higher floors and were on site to clean and dry living spaces.  We saw a lot of lake front damage occur when the ice finally broke up and headed South.

We caught and tied up docks, rowboats and beach furniture that weren’t pulled up vertically high enough to escape.  We were actually able to prevent the flood water from entering the ground level of a lakefront home by pumping out the basement for 48 hours straight.  We are hoping Mother Nature gives us all a nice Summer season.  For now, Spring clean ups are about to start and it is time to think about those projects that need to be done during the good weather. I’ve planted my garden seeds and look forward to moving them out to the yard.

Our eyes and ears are watching over your homes until you can be there again.