Adirondack Vacation Home Security

Adirondack Home Watch has over three decades of experience in the residential home construction industry and while working for many absentee owners we have been entrusted with their homes, their property and their peace of mind. When it comes to protection your property and your Adirondack vacation home,your security and privacy is our priority.

We provide secure access control.  Your keys are secretly coded and stored in a locked secure area.  We never put your name or address on a key tag.  Your inspection days and times are varied to avoid any one from patterning our on site visits.  All on site visits are made in unmarked vehicles so as not to draw attention to a lack of occupancy in your home.  A date and time log is made of each inspection for referral back to if necessary.  Your home is your business and we adhere to a strict code of confidentiality