Your Adirondack Home Concierge!

Adirondack Home Watch consistently receives requests from our clients for services in addition to our basic home watch services and the extra services already listed. These personal service requests are outside the realm of the typical maintenance and security tasks we currently provide, helping you in addition to watching your home. Convenience is just a call away! Here is a short list of requests for home watch concierge services we have received in the last year:

  • Delivery of essentials for your arrival until you can settle in and shop
  • Cleaning of windows and building exteriors
  • Delivery reception
  • Meeting service companies and providing access such as shade and blind companies, carpet and flooring installation companies, utility and TV/cable/internet & phone companies

Now you can leave the details to us! With our full-service concierge program, you can enjoy a customized property management plan that will save you time, money and frustration.  Some of the home concierge services we offer:

  • Check boats and docks / waterfront
  • Any time the temperature drops below 0 degrees Fahrenheit check home interior
  • Meet any service provider at your property
  • Provide photographic or written confirmation of project status
  • Work with realtors to prepare your home for inspections
  • Check your property before or after a rental tenant arrives
  • Check your property before or after you or guests are in residence
  • Adjust temp of heat or air conditioning before arrivals
  • Change batteries in smoke detectors or carbon monoxide detectors and perform annual testing
  • Start & run vehicles or bring vehicles from storage to your home
  • Water plants inside or outside your home – great idea with new plantings
  • Check outdoor light bulbs
  • Turn on certain lights, interior and exterior for arrival
  • Check, reset and change locations of light timers
  • First contact for security alarm or tenants
  • Satisfy Insurance company requirement with time stamped photos or reports
  • Meet insurance  claim adjusters
  • Personal shopping services

Call us today at (518) 321-3911drop us a note online or email me directly for more information on how we can make it easy for you to relax and enjoy your Adirondack for your home or property year round!